Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, Do We Miss ...

6 weeks ...
Nearly 6000 miles ...

The time, the laughs and the memories of old times shared with family and friends are like a quilt with squares of fabric too numerous to count, but each so beautiful. However, there are certain things one cannot help but miss.

I miss my:
•Children and our fantastic conversations any day of the week
•Beautiful grandchildren
•Wednesday’s with my grandsons
•Weekly chiropractic visit to the best chiropractor on the planet
•Squishy old waterbed
•Afternoon naps in my comfy bedroom chair
•Monique insisting we eat our veggies
•Big comfy bathroom and the convenience of a shower on demand

Bob misses:
•Very little
•Afternoon and morning naps in his comfy bedroom chair
•Hitting the fridge at-will all day long

After a most memorable and glorious time in Newport, RI we’re turning around and heading west.

1 comment:

  1. Men are so different from women, huh? Ted told me once that he could live in a cave--that after I'd gone through a great deal of trouble decorating our living room. One withering look from me sent him scurrying for cover. I know that you and Bob will be glad to be home, but what a wonderful adventure, huh? You both will be remembered by your family as the pioneering grannys....Be safe