Monday, September 28, 2009


Food, foodstuff, fare, provisions, groceries, chow, victuals, rations, cuisine, fodder - whatever name you give it, you still have to figure out how to use it wisely.

We left home with some food essentials - bread, butter, eggs, bacon, two steaks, frozen vegetables, canned fruit, and healthy snacks. I had every intention of eating healthy on the road. I envisioned stopping at roadside stands for fresh local fare.

We’ve shared and fully enjoyed gourmet meals with family and friends, but we have resorted to some bad-for-us behaviors as well. We seldom fix breakfast because we’ve discovered we can be satisfied gastronomically and financially with the McDonald’s dollar breakfast menu and their senior coffee. We’ve gone to great lengths to search out local soul food restaurants for bar-b-que and “chittlins.” We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the campground clubhouse in Dallas. We’ve had to refill our healthy snack stash more than once because we lunch and munch on it as we ride. We've not found one roadside fruit stand on the interstate highways we travel.

McDonalds is salty and processed. Soul food too is salty and the “vegetable” sides include candied yams, rice and gravy, and macaroni and cheese. In addition, a sweet delight to-go is a must. Eating almonds, bananas and grapes all day defeats the purpose of healthy snacks. This is not wholesome behavior!!!

When we get home we’ll have to go to a detox spa, a weight loss program and the gym seven days a week.


  1. Perhaps you should have taken you cook along with you! LOL

  2. If you had borrowed the fifth wheel, maybe you could have picked up a relative who could have cooked for his passage.