Friday, September 18, 2009

We're In Atlanta

The scenery is beautiful. The freedom to move around the country at our own speed is a gift. But, nothing beats the time we spend with family and friends.

While in Dallas we visited with our four California-escapee friends. As they have before, Cynthia and Jim opened their home to us and treated us like royalty. Their hospitality is superb. Cynthia’s cooking is wonderful. Linda still has her sense of humor and made us laugh. Nate drove us around Dallas in his pick-up truck with me squeezed in the middle feeling a bit like a teenager. We went from thrift store to thrift store looking for, of all things, a computer mouse. Some things never change.

We traveled on to Lake Charles, LA where we spent a wonderful time with our niece and nephew, Alice and Larvell. Larvell gave us a guided tour of the area’s interesting sights. Later we had dinner at one of the riverboat casinos and talked the evening away.

We just arrived in Atlanta for a visit with Bob’s son and to see a great grandson for the first time.

We’ve already driven over 3000 miles and I believe over half of them have been rainy. It has rained everywhere we’ve stopped. There were six and a half inches of rain in 35 hours while we were at the campground outside of Dallas. We were forced to purchase real rain jackets after getting drenched going from the truck to the camper. We made our selection, went through the check stand, put the jackets on and wore them out of the store. Reminiscent of kids with new shoes. It appears the rain isn’t over as rain is in the Atlanta forecast for tomorrow. In addition, the muggy heat is intense.

Having your lodging on your vehicle has its advantages, but having a house requires work. We’ve dealt with a temperamental refrigerator and discovered a leak in our bedroom area. A leak in all this rain made for a wet mattress. Thank goodness Bob is a good maintenance man. I’m good at standing around acting like an apprentice and fetching tools and supplies. Through it all we’re laughing and having fun.

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