Friday, September 4, 2009

We've Only Headed South

We haven't started east yet.

After taking forever to pull out, we hit the road Tuesday afternoon.

Our first planned stop was in Lancaster, CA to get some work done on the camper at the Lance Camper dealer and to visit with daughter Karless and her children and grandchildren. The visit with family was great. We got to see grandson Tony in his own barbershop and the great grandchildren growing like weeds.

As for the visit to the Lance dealer, what can I say? We went to the "dealer." Labor is $110./hr. A one day job became two. The air conditioned waiting room was equipped with comfortable chairs and cable TV.

Then we discovered the truck air conditioner was not working properly. We were not about to head into Arizona with an improperly operating air conditioner. We had that fixed too, but we did not go to the Ford dealer.

Yesterday we stopped in Los Angeles to get an addition to our music and GPS system. What an experience. There is a whole cottage industry selling and installing electronics located in warehouse fronts on 11th Street. You can bargain for the best price and get what you buy installed immediately. I sat in a folding chair under a pop up awning in the LA heat while the installation was done. No air conditioned waiting room here. Trying not to look like the FBI or the INS, I took a picture. I'll ask Bob to post it later.

We are now in San Diego visiting family. I love visiting with my sisters! Our plan is to head east either tomorrow or Sunday.

Eastward ho. We're on our way "folks back east."

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