Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Rig

The first time we did the cross country road trip in 1998 we did it with Monique's beautiful new fifth wheel trailer and our truck. The truck broke down in Laramie Wyoming, we bought a new one on the spot and continued our trip. In 2001 we did it again with our own little old fifth wheel that had literally fallen apart by the time we got home. In 2006 we made the trip in Bob's little sports car with a suitcase each. This time we're using the truck we bought in Laramie and a camper.

The camper supplies basic needs. It has approximately 150 square feet of living space - bed; full kitchen, including microwave; and toilet with sink. There's a place for everything (just barely) and everything has to be in its place or one could break one's neck falling over stuff. Something is assigned to every available space. To pass one another we have to suck our tummies in. (Good breathing exercise.) All of our clothes wouldn't fit into the one small closet so we have a couple of suitcases beside the bed. The back of the truck is loaded with the camping gear for stops at campgrounds along the way. We have about a three day supply of food and water, a few snacks and a few cans of "emergency food."

What a way to learn how to live with less.

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