Thursday, September 24, 2009


Rain and fellowship with family seem to be constants as we travel. After a rainy weekend in Atlanta, we headed to Savannah. The national news reports of flooding in the southeast made our family back in California wonder about our safety. At times we wondered ourselves. Just outside of Birmingham we gassed up, got on the freeway, traveled eleven miles, and pulled into a rest stop to wait it out. The rain came down in sheets for nearly an hour.

Our stay in Atlanta was enhanced by the joy of seeing great grandson Raymond Michael for the first time. He is quite the little guy - constantly moving and trying new things. It is always amazing to watch children testing to see what works and what doesn’t – from figuring out how to get attention to unloading a drawer full of pots and pans. You can almost see their brains working as they try new things. What an experience to watch your adult children grandparent. We have to smile as they coo over their grandchildren just like we do.

Oh Savannah, what a city. Our nephew and niece, Cedric and Yelina, and their family made it magical. The entire family was enthusiasticly involved in seeing that we got a taste of Savannah. He’s a history buff and she’s a dedicated teacher, thus their guided tours were filled with interesting information about the city and its history. We spent an evening on the riverfront listening to and watching local artisans as a ship navigated the harbor. They showed us the coffles once used to restrain slaves as they waited to be sold. We took pictures of the first African American church. They even made sure we got a taste of the local epicurean delights by feeding us a dish called Low Country Boil. Loaded with seafood, it was delicious – so much so that I bought a postcard with the recipe for Monique so she can cook it when we get home.

In Savannah too was a fine new little Hunt, their grandson Cameron, testing and trying. Cooing going on here too.

We’re in Fayetteville, NC now. We’ll explore and visit family and friends in North Carolina for the next few days. What do you know, there’s rain in the forecast for the next few days.


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  2. Hi Mom! Happy to hear you are doing well and had a great time in Georgia! Enjoy your visit with family and friends in NC! Love ya....Nique